Take Action – Elect Marie Lane


Please join the campaign and support Marie Lane for Judge. Thank you for your support in advance!

E-mail: laneforjudge2020@gmail.com


Do you have a good location for a Marie Lane yard sign? Our supporters and volunteers will bring by a sign and put it up so that all your neighbors and friends can know you’re a Marie Lane supporter. E-mail: laneforjudge2020@gmail.com


To Donate by Check or Money Order please make payable to “Campaign for lane committee” and send to:

The Campaign for Lane Committee
P.O. Box 2886
Ashtabula, Ohio  44005

*No corporate checks will be accepted. Please ensure that your complete name and address appear correctly on the check.  Please also provide your occupation and employer. Ohio law requires organizations, political action committees, and law firms may contribute up to $3,800.  On all LLC, LPA, and partnership checks, please designate the person making the contribution as well as the organization.  Ohio law requires the campaign to obtain the name, mailing address, occupation, and employer for each individual who aggregates contributions in excess of $50.


Volunteers are the most important element in this campaign! There are many ways to get involved.

Make Calls-Get involved in the campaign to elect Marie Lane for Judge and get voters to the polls.

Write Letters to the Editor–We can help you get started.

Mailings-Let people know you support Marie Lane by mailing campaign information to your friends and family, making them aware of your support of Marie Lane for Judge.

Public Speaking-Invite Marie Lane to speak to your group or organization. She loves interacting with the citizens of Ashtabula County and meeting new people.

Campaign Literature-Would you be willing to distribute campaign literature to friends, family, and neighbors?

Host a Meet and Greet-Would you like to host a Meet and Greet for Marie Lane at your place of business or home?

Help Fundraise-Help us organize fundraisers or help at a fundraiser event.

Walk Neighborhoods-Would you like to walk neighborhoods with Marie Lane to help out and show your support?

Forward Materials-Can you forward materials to your contacts? We can provide you with information.

E-Mail Marie Lane if you would like to help! laneforjudge2020@gmail.com